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Opinions and counter opinions on all matters concerning the Big C (Celebrity) and PC (Pop-culture) in all forms–text, video and audio will be on our Table of Contents! is the hangout of an inspired group of creatives—writers, film-makers, artists, journalists and advertising professionals among others who think of ‘talk’ as one of the best forms of expressions. The idea is to stand against the negativity, the salaciousness and the agenda driven drivel, fake news and paid news and create meaningful dialogues between communities and people with varied cultural interest and points of view.

The genesis of lies in the limitation of the traditional media and the rise of new media. It is a product of its times, a platform born out of the media evolution. In times when there is too much noise, is the destination where people can say their piece; where comment is free and fair.

In the age of individual influencers it is an idea whose time has come.

One of the best things about the Digital Age is the dissemination of thoughts and ideas. We love the idea of sharing content that could be enriching and elevating and when better than now to kickstart the conversation.