Kaagaz Ki Kashti: A documentary on ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh leaves you with a smile on your lips and a song in your heart

Brahmanand Siingh’s documentary is a delightful combination of Jagjit Singh’s musical accomplishments as well as his eventful life with its fair share of highs and a few lows. Talkietive Reviews bring you the 5 Good Things to watch out for, in this insightful documentary.

1. Musical Muse: Director Brahmanand Siingh whose previous documentary was based on Bollywood music composer R.D. Burman’s life seems to have a yen for musicians as subjects. In Kaagaz Ki KashtiSiingh focuses his energy on the ghazal singer, Jagjit Singh. He demonstrates a canny judgment in choosing a singer whose appeal cuts across generations.

(Image Credits: Official Documentary Trailer)

2. Research & Development: Writers Tanvi Jain and Brahmanand Siingh combine painstaking research with a lucid and simple linear script, rich with interesting anecdotes from the singer’s life. From Singh’s early days in the small town of Ganganagar in Punjab to his journey towards fame in Mumbai to the last phase of his career, the story spans a lifetime with finesse. Viewers get a peek into the intimate and personal side of Singh’s life through his music and his impressive journey.

(Image Credits: Official Documentary Trailer)

3. Casting Coup: The documentary does not limit itself merely to celebrities mouthing platitudes but pulls in family members, professional collaborators and longstanding friends. Kaagaz Ki Kashti has Singh’s wife and collaborator Chitra Singh, Gulzar, Mahesh Bhatt, Zakir Hussain, Ronu Majumdar, Anup Jalota and Pankaj Udhas among other people sharing their insights about the man who they loved and admired.

4. Cut Above the Rest: Showcasing a lifetime of achievements in two hours especially when it’s packed with anecdotes and fond memories is an editor’s nightmare. Editor Jabeen Merchant does a commendable job of picking out the best stories from the numerous accounts and knitting them into a memorable tribute.
(Image Credits: Official Documentary Trailer)
5. Director’s Special: Director Brahmanand  Siingh shows a remarkable flair for directing personal stories. He keeps the narrative simple and his focus is firmly on the life of the renowned singer and his remarkable life. In the end, Kaagaz Ki Kashti leaves you misty-eyed, ready to go back for seconds.

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