Helicopter Eela: An overprotective mother who can’t cut the umbilical cord

Based on Anand Gandhi’s Gujarati play, Beta Kaagdo, the movie revolves around an overprotective single mother who abandons her playback singing dreams to raise her son. Talkietive Reviews bring you the 5 Good Things to watch out for, in the film.

1. Maternal Makeover: When it comes to Bollywood movies, mothers are often pious, righteous and sacrificing-think Nirupa Roy or Mehboob Khan’s powerful classic Mother India. No wonder they are most often placed precariously on that dreaded place– the pedestal. Helicopter Eela thankfully travels down a different path, shining the spotlight instead on a helicopter parent who is controlling, emotionally needy and yet likable.

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2. A Balancing Act: Kajol excels in her role as Eela, who displays all signs of a helicopter parent– constantly hovering over her son Vivaan, keeping a check on his activities. She is effervescent and pulls off the role with characteristic flair. National Award winning Bengali actor Riddhi Sen plays Vivaan, with the restraint and maturity of a seasoned actor.

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3. Pop Memories: The movie has a brief flashback to the ‘90s era when Indie-pop music was at its peak with appearances by singing sensations like Shaan, Ila Arun and Baba Sehgal! The remixed version of the song Ruk Ruk’from Ajay Devgn starrer Vijaypath brings alive memories of the music of those times. Director Pradeep Sarkar, with several hit music videos to his credit, strikes the perfect pitch on this front.

4. Producer Support: Actor Ajay Devgn, also the producer of the film Helicopter Eela, seems to be developing a knack for picking up interesting scripts with women as central protagonists. It was not too long ago that he produced Parched about four women. We hope to see many more interesting projects from his banner.

(Image Credits: Official Movie Trailer)
5. Director’s Cut: Film-maker Pradeep Sarkar who has directed films like Parineeta and Mardaani with women as central characters, handles the subject of a modern single mother with the sensitivity that it requires. Sarkar does well in keeping the tone light and steering the film away from being preachy.

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